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  • Thanks Patrick for sharing this information. Contact was made privately through our heritage group to help with the research.

    By Milltown Heritage (01/11/2019)
  • Your father was born on 25th April 1879, parents Mark Corcoran and Mary Walsh, living in Clashaganny, Milltown. You can get a copy of his birth register immediately online free of charge from Search for John Corcoran births in Tuam registration district. That should be sufficient for genealogy purposes. If you require a copy for legal purposes (Irish passport, etc.,) you will need to apply to: I think (read what it says)

    By Patrick Donelan (01/11/2019)
  • My Father, John Joseph Corcoran was born in Milltown, Ireland back in the late 18 hundreds. I am looking for his birth certificate, or a legal copy. He died back in 1960, in Chicago Ill. at the age of 82. I am his last living daughter, and 86 years old myself. How can I get a copy of his birth certificate? Any help I could get would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

    By Therese Corcoran Evans (29/08/2019)

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