The Irish War of Independence

Peter Brennan discusses his family's activities

Virtual Recording by Pauline Connolly 20th Feb 2021

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  • It’s really interesting to hear about our family history in Galway during the turbulent times of the Irish War of Independence, to hear mention of my grandfather Thomas, whom I never met, my great uncle John from America whom I met once in 1971, and of course their brother, my great uncle Peter.

    Well done, Peter, for recounting so well their story.

    By Kate Brennan (21/04/2021)
  • Well done Dad, great to hear the family history told so well. If they only knew that one day their stories would be preserved and presented for the whole world to hear…!

    By Graham Brennan (19/04/2021)
  • Peter is one of my cousins and learning about the family’s activities during the War of Independence is truly incredible. I hope during one of my trips to Ireland, I can travel to Galway and meet some of the families.

    By Richard Florczak III (05/04/2021)

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