Farragher Sisters in the U.S.

Born in Russelstown and emigrated to the US

Tom Leal

Tom Leal

Left to right: Nora (b.1897), Delia (b.1891), Sarah (b.1890), Nellie (oldest).
They were born in House #8 in Russelstown and emigrated to the United States under the sponsorship of an aunt who had emigrated much earlier.

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  • I have since learned the true years of the sisters’ births. Of course, they were all older than they thought at first!

    Nora 1894-1961, Bridget (Delia) 1891-1963, Sarah 1889-1973, Ellen (“Nellie”) 1888-1935.

    All four settled in the San Francisco Bay Area. The aunt who sponsored their emigrations was Sarah Farragher, sister of Thomas Farragher, the girls’ father. She married Mulrooney and lived in San Francisco, near to my family and Nellie’s family. Bridgie lived in the North Bay Area (Vallejo) and Sarah lived in the East Bay Area (Oakland). I have little information on her, and I will post it along with the one photo I have found.


    By Tom Leal (20/10/2021)
  • Left to right: Nora (originally Honoria), Bridget (1891 or 1892(, Sarah (1891 or 1892) Ellen (“Nellie” 1889). They are in order of birth from youngest to eldest. All four emigrated at different times to San Francisco under the sponsorship of an aunt already there.

    Norah is my grandmother. She was born in 1894 (though she thought she was born in 1897) and died in 1961 of a heart attack. She was the last of the four to die. Bridget died some time before that (I’m uncertain of the year) and Sarah died in 1973. Nellie died in 1935 of complications during childbirth, which also took the baby. I am still trying to confirm the actual birth years for Nellie, Sarah, and Bridget, as there are some discrepancies in recollections and papers. As I find other photos, I’ll post them here.

    By Tom leal (24/02/2016)
  • Great pic of four beautiful sisters. How lucky the family is to have this. Do they know what happened to the ladies?

    By Sheron Boyle (24/02/2016)

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