Mr. Martin Connor

The Hot Seat

Published in the Milltown Newsletter April 1995

Martin Connor

This issue we feature our new local Sergeant, Mr. Martin Connor. On behalf of the parish we welcome him to Milltown. We would like to thank him and all other guests who have participated in our “Hot Seat”.

Full Name: Martin Connor

Occupation: Sergeant – Milltown Garda Station.

Favourites Pastimes: Golf and Football.

Brothers and Sisters: Three brothers – Michael, Noel, Gerry and one sister Doreen.

Favourite T.V. Programme: All sports programmes Match of the Day.

Favourite Actor: Danny De Vito/Clint Eastwood.

Favourite Actress: Felicity Kendal.

Earliest Memory: First day I started school in Lacken, Co. Mayo I couldn’t get wait to get home.

First Job: Garda, I joined the force after finishing school. The only other job I have dabbled in is farming for a few months.

Favourite Books: I don’t read a lot of books, but read all the different daily newspaper.

Favourite Song: Dancing in the Dark and I’m on Fire by Bruce Springsteen. I also love listening to Phil Coulters music.

Favourite Sport: Gaelic Football.

Favourite Food: Steak and Onions.

Favourite Drink: Tea, I’m a great tea drinker!

Person you most admire: Charlie Haughey – He was a great achiever.

Most Embarrassing Moment: Sitting here being interviewed by three ladies for this “Hot Seat” not knowing what’s going to be asked next.

If you won a million: Well, if I won a million. I would retire and go into business.

What is Your Greatest Regret (if any): No regrets I have really enjoyed life so far.

Horoscope: Scorpio – reads but I don’t believe.

Happiest moment: October 1994 – The day I got the news that I was promoted to Sergeant.

Worst incident that happened you: The day I broke my leg playing football, which I had to eventually give up.

Last post previous to Milltown: I was in Dublin for 19 Years, stationed in Irishtown, in the Ringsend area.

First Impressions of Milltown: As I arrived on a very wet and cold November’s day I have to say I was wondering about the place but as time went on and the weather got better, I am really getting to like the area and the people are very friendly.

Favourite car: Ford Mondeo.

Favourite colour: Green/Navy.

First dance: I was seventeen years of age when I went to the Marquee in Killalla. There was a band playing to a very large crowd. Like all marquees inn those days there was plenty of pushing and shoving, but the craic was good.

Ambitions: To enjoy life and make lots money if I can.

Milltown Newsletter April 1995

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