Dalgin, Co. Galway

By T. O'Mairém



  • A person should not put out ashes on New Year’s Day.
  • A person shouldn’t give milk on 1st May.
  • A person should never give out live coals on a Monday morning.
  • If a person goes into a house where they are churning he has to twist the churn or the butter wont gather. If the butter doesn’t gather they blame something of this sort.
  • When churning the people put a spark under the churn lest the fairies take the butter away.
  • They never give out milk to neighbors until the first churning is made after a cow calf’s.
  • When a cow calf’s she is “blessed” with a half burnt sod of turf held in a tonges [sic]. The sign of the cross is made with the tonges [sic] under the cow by putting the tonges [sic] here then under the cows udder etc. She is then finally blessed by tying a red rag on her tail.
  • A person should never eat wild fruit after November Day. The fairies play on them.
  • Cabbage is broken on November Day (white cabbage is bad to eat later in the year).
  • People used to be very careful about their cows May Day because the people used to milk cows and go to some house and drink it.
  • A person should never throw out water when a churning is being made or the butter cannot be gathered.
  • Taking dirt from cows hoofs on May morning for butter.


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