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Lack Townland Stone
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Air a Leic, a flagstone/slab or flat stone or rock

Lack is situated in the North central part of the parish of Addergoole, Barony of Dunmore, in Co Galway. Bounded on the north by Coolecknaleagh, on the west by Cloonacrusha, on the south by Dawros Lower and on the east by Cooladooaun and Russelstown.

The Down Survey Map 1641 (pre Cromwell) gave the townland name as Lackin and states that the owner was Edmund Obbykin [sic] (Catholic). The 1670 Down Survey Map shows the land was owned by Loughlin Connor (Catholic). Down Survey also states that 120 plantation acres were unprofitable, 133 plantations acres were profitable and 133 plantation acres were forfeited.

O’Donovan’s Field Name Books describe the townland of Lack as follows; the property of M. Blake Birmingham, Esq., Lauck, Co Galway in 1838. Birmingham was a member of the Birmingham (Dalgin and Millbrook) family. It contains 177¼ statute measure including about 8 acres of planting or woody ground. There is an ancient fort on the south end of the townland. Millbrook House is in the Central part of the townland of Lack.


Census 1841 – 1851

The townland of Lackl in 1851 held an area of 177 acres 1 roods and 24 perches. The population in 1841 was 33 inhabitants, 16 male and 17 female. There were 5 buildings, 5 houses, 4 of which were occupied and 1 uninhabited. In 1851 the townland had dwindled to 22 people, 12 male and 10 female. There were 4 buildings all of which where houses, all of which were inhabited.

The Poor Law Valuation of the townland of Lack was £100, 0 shillings and 0d (pence).


Griffith’s Valuation 1855

According to Griffith’s Valuation 1855, Lack was owned by John Bermingham, the total area being 177 acres 0 roods and 28 perches.

John Bermingham leased his land to the following people: John Bermingham (in Fee), Patrick Gilleen and Michael Mullin.

Of the 177 acres, 0 roods and 28 perches, John Bermingham kept 173 acres 0 roods and 14 perches for house, offices and land, Miller’s house and offices, flour, tuck-mill and kilns. He paid a total annual valuation rate of £122.

Patrick Gilleen paid a total annual valuation rate of £3 15 shillings for house, office and land. Michael Mullin paid a total annual valuation rate of 4 shillings for a Garden.

The Total Annual Valuation of Rateable Property in Lack was £125 19 shillings and 0d (pence).


Census 1901

There are 2 households listed in the townland of Lack in 1901. There was one person listed living in Lack in 1901. The 2 houses were built and listed as private dwellings. Both houses were built from permanent materials, i.e. Brick, stone or concrete. One of the roofs was built from perishable material, i.e. thatch or wood. The other house had a permanent roof, i.e slate, iron or tile. The 1901 census forms were collected on 4th April 1901.


Bridget Lyons, was 61 years old in 1901. Bridget gave her occupation as a farmer’s wife. She was listed as a widow. Bridget was born in Co Roscommon, she spoke Irish and English but was unable to read. Bridget was Roman Catholic. Bridget lived in a 3rd class house with 2 front windows and 2 rooms. Bridget Lyons was listed as the owner of the land on which the house was situated.

The only other house in Lack, contained no inhabitants. It was a 1st class house with 5 front windows, (no number rooms specified). In the B.1 House and Building Return from, Denis Kirwan was listed as the owner of the house and land on which it was situated along with 1 out-office or farm steading. (Form B.2 – missing)


Census 1911

There was no record of inhabitants living in Lack in 1911.


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