Food in the Bog


Seamús Kirrane

Food in the bog
Seamus Kirrane

My granny used to tell me lots of stories. The one I remember the most is the one about the bog. That time they would cycle to the bog and spend the whole day there. She would go with her dad, her two brothers and her sister. They would bring all things needed like a kettle, one brown bread, some eggs, one pot of rhubarb jam, some butter, water and milk. It would take about half an hour to get there. The first job they had to do was to light a fire so that they could boil the eggs and make tea. They would then set to work footing the turf and keeping an eye on the fire. After a few hours, they would take a well earned break. For food, Granny said the tea made in the bog was very tasty. They would devour the boiled eggs, brown bread and the rhubarb jam and wash it down with a cup of “bog tea”. Then, as a treat, they would get a toffee sweet after all the hard work. Then, they would be allowed to play for a while. The boys would be looking for frogs while the girls would be jumping across drains. On the way home Grandad would bring them to a shop called Granny Moran’s and treat them to some ice-cream sandwiched between two biscuits. She said it was a delicious treat and worth all the hard work. I would like to try that myself one day.

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  • A day in the bog is always very hard work. This article makes me smile. Life can be still interesting even though life in the old days was harsh. I love this article!

    By Liping (26/03/2018)
  • Great story bringing us back to our past, well done to all

    By Sandra (14/03/2018)

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