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Stories about Food

Aaron Connolly

Stories about food
Aaron Connolly

My great granny used to make chicken broth stew for my granny and my great aunt. Then, when my mom was young my granny used to make it for her. My mom didn’t make it for us yet.

My dad, his dad and my dad’s brother used to go down to the bog for breakfast, to eat boiled eggs. They just simply started a fire with the turf, put a kettle onto the fire, put the eggs in the kettle and that’s breakfast ready.

They also had this one cow to get milk for a cup of tea. My dad said “that was always the milk I had growing up”. That cow is still with us today.

They also used to get barrels of water from the nearby pump. They put a cart on a donkey and put the barrels of water on the cart to bring him back to the house.

Every morning, my dad had to feed the cow and milk it before going to school and sometimes he was late for school. He had an apple and sandwiches for lunch. And sometimes he had berries for lunch as well.

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