My Grandad’s Farm


Ali McCormack

Grandad's farm
Ali McCormack

When my mum was little, she lived on my grandad’s farm. On his farm, they had cows, sheep and chickens. Every few weeks, a man would come and kill the lambs and that week they would have lamp chops for dinner but my mum wouldn’t like them because she would see the lambs being chopped up.

Every morning and evening my grandad would milk the cows. If my mum and her brother were good, my grandad would let them have a small bit of fresh milk and they would have it in the morning for breakfast.

For a while, they had chickens on the farm. But when they got rid of them, my mum used the old chicken house as a play house.

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  • Sounds like the farm I grew up on, well said

    By Jo Kelly (30/03/2018)

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