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Story told by Grandad Billy

Emma Costello

Willie Costello
Costello family
Grandad Billy

My grandad told me about my great grandad. His name was Willie and he lived in Belmont. He had a shop and he also had a van which he used as a travelling shop. He drove to every house in Belmont and he sold food and supplies to the people. He also bought eggs and butter from the woman of the house. At Christmas he bought turkeys from the farmers.

When Willie was out in the travelling shop my great granny Tess looked after the shop in Belmont selling food to all the people who came.

Willie also collected the milk from the farmers and delivered it to the creamery in Claremorris where it would be made into butter. My great grandparents worked very hard and I am very proud of them.

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  • Great to see Emma that you are keeping the story of the travelling shop alive – wouldn’t your great grandparents be very proud of you.

    By hazel (12/03/2018)

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